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Zelensky flies the flag of Ukraine’s continuing resistance with a crew neck and cargo pants.

Zelensky flies the flag of Ukraine’s continuing resistance with a crew neck and cargo pants.

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Yes, this is his first trip abroad since the Russian invasion began. And yes, Ukraine has defied all odds by holding out for 10 months against an attacker who expected to claim his country’s capital within days.

But the watching world should be on their guard: the war is far from over.

That was the message from President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine as he stepped onto the White House lawn to be greeted by President Joseph R. Biden and First Lady, Jill Biden, and later at a joint press conference with Mr. Biden.

Or rather, that was the message Mr. Zelensky carried through the olive drab sweatshirt (complete with a Ukrainian trident hanging from his neck), cargo pants and tough boots that Mr. Zelensky wore before he had even said a word.

It is impossible to believe that Mr. Zelensky, a President familiar with optics from his years as an artist, happened to choose to appear in the militaristic attire that he made his war uniform, rather than the dark suit and adopting the tie, which is customary for white House calls (essential for most senators and representatives, as well as visiting dignitaries and cabinet members).

By remaining in the role he had played since the beginning of the war, Mr. Zelensky offered all viewers an instant visual reminder of his intention. Including his people, his fighters, his allies – and last but not least his enemy in the Kremlin.

Whatever he and Mr. Biden say to each other behind closed doors, Mr. Zelensky’s insignia in the trenches has been impossible to ignore — just as it has been since he first emerged from a Kiev bunker in an olive drab T-shirt after Russia invaded the February. On Wednesday, the effect was accentuated by the contrast with Mr. Biden’s matter-of-fact navy suit, worn with a navy and yellow striped tie in a nod to the national colors of Ukraine, and Dr. Biden strengthened.

Had Mr. Zelensky approached the capital’s mufti, he would have conformed to his surroundings and perhaps indicated that a more familiar or calming phase of the conflict had begun. Not doing so was as strategic a decision as any mission, this one aimed at an image-consuming age.

Mr. Zelensky is a wartime leader, and he makes sure everyone has only to look at him to get the point.

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