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YouTuber Airrack teases “exciting” plans for 2023 and his dream collaboration

YouTuber Airrack teases “exciting” plans for 2023 and his dream collaboration

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Not only did Airrack bring fans loads of cheesy goodness, but he also shared his thoughts with E! News some of the people he’s a fan of and would like to release a video with.

“A YouTube dream collaboration would have to be Mark Rober,” he said. “He’s just so smart. He’s doing these giant squirrel obstacle courses like glitter bombs. The guy is so smart.”

Airrack added that he and the NASA engineer-turned-youtuber actually have a lot in common, revealing that he studied to be an engineer before embarking on his current path.

“I wanted to be an engineer before I became a YouTuber. I was engineering school and all,” he continued. “And then I gave up making entertaining YouTube videos. So I would like to be just a fly on the wall.”

But the scientist isn’t the only one Airrack wants to work with, as his other dream guests have some experience in the lab — Hawkins lab, that is.

“I’m a huge fan of Stranger Things,” he said of his desire to work with the cast of the hit Netflix show. “I feel like we need to get the entire entourage together to do some kind of airrack collaboration. I think that would be sick.”

But it’s safe to say that the Demogorgon isn’t invited to this one.

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