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Who will succeed Elon Musk as Twitter CEO? let’s guess

Who will succeed Elon Musk as Twitter CEO? let’s guess

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Elon Musk is destroying Twitter and Twitter is destroying Elon Musk’s life and fortune. Now that the man himself has publicly agreed to change horses in the middle, who will be Twitter’s next CEO?

“I will step down as CEO as soon as I find someone stupid enough to take the job,” Musk tweeted Tuesday. “After that, I’ll just lead the software and server teams.” The confirmation came more than a day after the Tesla CEO tweeted opinion poll ask if users want him to resign. 57.5% of respondents said he should get going.

Since the poll, Musk has made numerous comments about what a tough job it will be for anyone who wants it. So much has happened since Musk first offered to buy the social media company in April that many people have forgotten that Musk himself didn’t want the job and he’s been fighting with all his might to get out of his agreement . He also said in November that he plans to eventually find a new leader for Twitter, and he probably regrets not making an offer to anyone (anyone!) at the time.

Now Twitter is in a much worse position than before. In its last earnings report as a public company, it reported a loss of $270 million. As part of financing the purchase, Musk added significant debt to the balance sheets, along with $1.5 billion in interest payments per year.

But problems at Tesla are probably more of a concern for Musk. More than half of the company’s stock value has been wiped out since Musk first offered to buy Twitter. Its value has hit a two-year low. And on Monday, Wall Street analysts from Oppenheimer & Co downgraded Tesla stock, saying:

We believe that banning journalists without consistent, defensible standards or clear communication in an environment where many people believe freedom of expression is at risk is too much for a majority of consumers to continue supporting Mr. Musk/TSLA , especially for people who are ideologically connected to climate protection.

The analyst comments come after a turbulent week in which Musk made erratic policy changes aimed at banning journalists from Twitter. Over the weekend, he managed to piss off virtually everyone by banning Twitter users from promoting their accounts on other social media platforms. The policy was quickly reversed, but the damage was done. The desperation of apparently trying to block the exits for users who have had enough, and the blatant violation of its own standards of free speech, offended even Silicon Valley’s wealthiest ghouls, who cheered Musk’s moves as a valuable experiment to test how awful a CEO can treat his employees.

Executives tired of listening to their employees’ concerns might want to watch Elon burn it down as a case study, but that doesn’t mean they want to join the exercise. They’d much rather see if he gets out alive first. So yes, Musk will have a hard time finding a qualified CEO who is simultaneously willing to act on the whims of the big boss and endure the public backlash for the chaos they inevitably cause.

Who will take on this nightmare job? We have some guesses. They’re probably all wrong, but we’re hedging our bets by selecting individuals and the category of CEO candidates they fall into. If our specific tips aren’t enough, we’re confident that someone like her will be chosen, or at least considered. Click through to read the wild speculation, and if you’re indeed on this list, turn around and run while you can.

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