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Unexpected animals using tools

Unexpected animals using tools

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A cockatoo uses a first tool (a short, pointed stick) to pierce a membrane.  The second tool needed, a purple straw, is waiting on the platform.

We know that many birds use tools – but how about whole toolboxes? Researchers working with Goffin’s cockatoos found that not only can the birds use tools like sharp sticks and straws to reach food, but they have the flexibility to switch between devices as needed. They even knew they had to bring more than one needed tool before beginning their endeavors. “We learned how skilled the cockatoos are when they use a tool kit, and we have a lot of things to keep track of,” one of the researchers, Antonio Osuna-Mascaró, said in a statement. “The switching behavior is very interesting to us, and we will definitely use it to study their decision-making and their metacognition – their ability to recognize their own knowledge.”

In other words, while some animals use tools occasionally, cockatoos were smart enough to manipulate a tool set to their will in the course of a single task.

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