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The Witcher showrunner promises Henry Cavill a ‘heroic farewell’

The Witcher showrunner promises Henry Cavill a ‘heroic farewell’

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Fans initially assumed he would quit the role to play Superman, a role he announced a few days earlier on October 24th. But just two months later, he reversed course and announced to eager fans that after a change in the TV and film departments, DC was going in a different direction for the role of Clark Kent.

“Just had a meeting with James Gunn and Peter Safran and it’s sad news everyone,” he announced in a Dec. 14 Instagram post. “After all, I’m not going back as Superman. Having been instructed by the studio to announce my return in October ahead of their hiring, this news isn’t the easiest of things, but such is life.”

Ahead of Cavill’s final season, you can catch up on The Witcher seasons one and two now on Netflix.

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