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The release of M3gan’s home video contains the unrated version

The release of M3gan’s home video contains the unrated version

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M3gan stands in the woods with his hair tousled and a creepy look on his face.

Screenshot: Blumhouse/Universal

M3gan, the 3 surpris3 hit by – um, sorry. Let me start from the beginning. M3gan, the surprise hit of 2022, has long been said to have had a more mature director’s cut than its PG-13 theatrical release implied. Now not only do we have confirmation that it exists, but it’s coming as an added feature (literally in this case!) on M3gan’s hom3 vid3o r3l – god, sorry – on M3gan’s home video release.

The uncensored version, with screenwriter Akela Cooper asserting that M3gan reaches a much higher body count than originally seen, will be available to all purchasers of the film, whether digital or on physical media. Other extras include:

A New Vision of Horror – Filmmakers and cast explain how the world of M3gan was created, including the original idea, through production led by director Gerard JohnstoneBringing Life to M3gan – See how animatronics, puppets and actress Amie Donald helped make M3gan as real as possibleGetting Hacked – A behind-the-scenes look at how the cast and crew pulled off some of the film’s complex stunts and bloody deaths

M3gan b3com3s will be available digitally on F3bruary 24th, right next to w33k, and on Blu-ray and DVD on March 21st. Although i b3t th3 movi3 also still b3 in th3at3rs wh3n OH GOD DAMMIT

[Via Syfy]

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