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Tesla driver blames FSD for San Francisco Bay Bridge accident

Tesla driver blames FSD for San Francisco Bay Bridge accident

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The operator of a Tesla that reportedly caused an eight-car pileup on the San Francisco Bay Bridge during the Thanksgiving travel rush told police the car was in “full self-driving” mode at the time of the incident, and blamed the accident on a software malfunction rather than human error, reports CNN Business.

The California Highway Patrol released their report to the outlet this week. The report confirms that police received video of the accident (likely from traffic cameras installed on the bridge), which confirms initial reports that the Tesla (a Model S, based on eyewitness video of the scene) was driving at around 55 MPH, before moving to the scene of the accident left lane and hard braking, which triggered the chain reaction accident that took two young passengers in another car to the hospital. The accident blocked two lanes of traffic for 90 minutes as San Franciscans left town for the vacation.

The crash happened on the same day that Elon Musk announced that FSD’s beta testing would be expanded from a limited number of Tesla owners to “anyone in North America who so wishes.” However, Tesla has warned drivers that the system “could do the wrong thing at the worst possible time.”

As damning as the video evidence of the accident sounds, CHP said it did not clearly show whether the vehicle was being driven by its human operator or FSD.

That’s good news for Tesla, at least for now. The company remains under investigation by NHTSA for phantom braking incidents reported by drivers using the FSD feature. The agency has described the system as braking “without warning, randomly and often repeatedly in a single trip”. Hundreds of Tesla owners have complained about the system’s behavior.

The agency told CNN that it was aware of the Thanksgiving crash and was being investigated to determine if one of the Tesla’s semi-autonomous features may have malfunctioned.

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