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See “Love Without Limits”. Explain what “Zaddy” means

See “Love Without Limits”. Explain what “Zaddy” means

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Love may have no borders, but when it comes to internet slang, it certainly does.

At E! News’ exclusive preview of the December 21 episode of Love Without Borders star Aaron Motacek explains to his new partner Mael Lucas the definition of the internet’s favorite word to describe attractive, older celebrity men: zaddy.

But ahead of the vocabulary lesson, Mael – who Aaron moved to Paris to live after being paired by Bravo show’s matchmaker Arica Angelo – is using his skills as a masseuse to bring their connection closer than ever by giving Aaron a back rub are.

The Fargo, North Dakota native could get used to that, as Aaron says in a confessional, “I mean, who wouldn’t want to marry a masseuse?”

The massage leaves both boys optimistic about their future together, and Mael says in a confessional: “I really liked Aaron. I’m discovering that things are definitely going in the right direction.”

After that, Mael offers Aaron some cake. Aaron accepts, but not before making fun of himself, saying, “I’m getting papa-bod. I have a Papa-Bod – Zaddy-Bod.”

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