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Riverdale season 7 casts Real Human as Cheryl’s doll brother

Riverdale season 7 casts Real Human as Cheryl’s doll brother

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Riverdale may be coming to an end, but don’t worry fans of CW-connected mayhem and whoops: If you thought the show could somehow get less batshit in its final season, you’re in luck. Also, time travel already existed, how did you think they would tone it down?

Deadline announced that the CW has cast two new regular stars for the seventh and final season of the Archie Comics adaptation/wild fever dream, in which our heroes will wake up back in high school after last season’s banana events, apart from the fact that it’s now 1955. Karl Walcott will play Clay Walker, described as a “teenage Renaissance man” who is “very open minded about his art and his sexuality,” and just like his namesake in the original comics, where he is the definitive husband of Kevin Keller will have “an impressive friendship” with Casey Cott’s version of the character.

The second casting is a bit more out there. Hadestown’s Nicholas Barasch joins the regular cast this season as the brother of Julien Blossom, Cheryl and Jason. who was a creepy doll up to this point in the series.

Julien – in doll form – appeared during Riverdale season 4, in which Cheryl is convinced her house is being haunted by Jason’s ghost (he died in season 1, remember when that was the weird thing about the show? ), holds a session and finds out that the ghost could be Julien, the third triplet in her mother’s pregnancy, but apparently absorbed by Cheryl in the womb in the event of twin resorption. Their mother, distraught over the loss of their third child, raised Cheryl and Jason together with a horrible doll pretending to be Julien. Long story short, it turns out that Cheryl hasn’t absorbed Julien after taking a chimeric DNA test that results in a negative result, and the mystery surrounding Julien’s ghost, or even if Julien was ever really real , stays up in the air… until now! Because now he’s a real boy!

And apparently a real asshole. “He’s dapper, rich, and extremely entitled. Handsome, athletic, and high-spirited, he always gets his way, but on the rare occasions when he doesn’t — like with Veronica — he makes life miserable for everyone around him,” reads the character description, provided to Deadline would. “He often clashes with his twin sister, but he’s also an antagonist to all of our teen characters, especially Archie.”

Is ’50s school bully Julien Blossom the big bad in Riverdale’s final season? Will he bond with the doll somehow? Will this show continue to be darkly turned upside down until the end? We’ll probably find out next year.

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