Richard Riakporhe looking forward to 2023: “You’re going to see a demon! I don’t play around anymore’ | box news

Richard Riakporhe looking forward to 2023: “You’re going to see a demon! I don’t play around anymore’ | box news

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Richard Riakporhe praised rival Chris Billam-Smith for his wild KO win on Saturday but is looking to hit the Bournemouth puncher back with a world title down the line.

Riakporhe beat Billam-Smith in a 10-round bout in 2019 after a split decision. Since then, Billam-Smith has won British, Commonwealth and European titles.

His destructive performance against Armend Xhoxhaj last weekend has put him in a position to challenge for a world title next year.

“It was an amazing finish, very explosive, he landed his shots. He landed the shots he needed. He saw a gap, an opportunity,” Riakporhe told InNewCL Sports.

“That’s exactly what he had to do. That’s what people want to see – proper KOs, highlight reel KOs and he delivered that.

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Richard Riakporhe says he would love an all-British clash against Lawrence Okolie in front of his loyal Crystal Palace fans

“My prediction was that he would get rid of his opponent within six rounds and he did just that. I am happy. All are happy. It’s great for all of us. It’s great for the cruiserweight division and for us now.”

Riakporhe expects to box early in the new year and be able to fight for a world title himself in 2023.

“There’s a lot of interest in the cruiserweight division, especially us, probably more than a lot of other cruiserweights, even the champions, because they just want to see who the future of the division is going to be,” Riakporhe said.

“I think they’ve seen enough of the champions. You’re just ready for something new. The next generation.

“Then they start thinking about ‘The Midnight Train’ Riakporhe or CBS and everyone else who’s moving up the ranks. It’s really interesting so we’ll see how it goes.”


Image: Riakporhe aims to make a big impact in 2023

Riakporhe and Billam-Smith appear to be on course for a rematch at some point.

“People would like to see this fight. People would like to see a British domestic match with a world title. It’s music to people’s ears. Who knows how it will end? It’s even more interesting because people want to know , how it all is will develop, especially next year. It will have a lot of eyes on us, on our next performances, how we deliver, how we get through, of course if we get the title shots, how we get through that too”, London’s said Riakporhe.

“So everything will develop. But I think it’s in the best interest of all organizations to make sure we get our recordings and I think it could be something really special. That could be something quite historic.”

Another Londoner, Lawrence Okolie, is the reigning WBO cruiserweight champion and Riakporhe wants to take a shot at him.

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Chris Billam-Smith lands an explosive finish on Armend Xhoxhaj to knock out the Kosovar in round five

“This is a big fight. All of them are big fights. Everyone just has to focus on Richard Riakporhe. He’s number one! Forget everyone else. They’re all part of the story. They’re all part of the Riakporhe story,” he said.

Riakporhe is determined to make a big impact in 2023. “It’s going to be a very big year for me. I want to dominate in great form and with great performances. Winning all my fights and when the opportunity arises, taking them with both hands. Exactly what I’ve been doing for the past few years,” he said.

“I’m hungry. I think I’m even hungrier than before. I just want to experience what it’s like to be at the top and have everything in this game. Everything in this game. I don’t think I will be I’ll be satisfied if I don’t experience what boxers experience at the peak of their careers. I won’t be able to settle. That’s the only thing that drives me. That thought in my head that’s the only thing that drives me. I will definitely achieve that.

Next year he promises: “You will see a demon. I don’t play around anymore. I’m taking this sport very, very seriously right now. Big things are coming, so there’s a lot of fighting to do.” and you’ll see in my body language, my movement, my eyes – the eyes don’t lie – you’ll see it all there.

“Just expect great things from Riakporhe.”

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