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Rian Johnson on The Last Jedi and Star Wars fans

Rian Johnson on The Last Jedi and Star Wars fans

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The most contentious conversation starter (or end) on a nerdy vacation might be whether or not you enjoyed 2017’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi – a film that’s still regularly and passionately debated, unlike Lucasfilm’s most recent trilogy – Complete The Rise of Skywalker. do you remember that

During the promotion of Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson looked back at his most iconic films in a video interview with GQ to talk about his role at the helm of a Star Wars film. “For me, everything in the film is Star Wars and everything in the film that I can trace deeply to is what Star Wars is to me,” he said. “Everyone has a different attitude. I know there are Star Wars fans who kind of think Star Wars was serious stuff, like the Batman movies or something.”

The director continued to discuss his relatable upbringing with the original George Lucas films. “I was so young when I saw Empire Strikes Back it had such a deep, profound impact on me because it was terrifying because I was just young enough not to experience it like I was watching a Star Wars See movie but make it feel too real. Return of the Jedi was one that made me just the right age for theater,” he said. “And anyone who thinks that this slightly silly humor has no place in the Star Wars universe – I don’t know if they’ve seen Return of the Jedi. There’s literally a scene where Han Solo is like a cartoon, tied to a pole and a torch is walking past him to light the fire to cook him. Even in the first movie they are in the heart of the Death Star trying this desperate gambit to get out with their lives and save the princess where they pretend Chewbacca is like their prisoner and the little imperial droid comes on, Chewbacca roars at him on. And the droid like a scared dog [does droid sounds].”

He’s right; The original films had a sense of campy fun that various filmmakers have tapped into on their own sensibilities. On a spectrum that includes Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau, who draw heavily on the family comedy in their Disney+ projects, and Tony Gilroy, who brings sharp wit to Andor, Johnson lands somewhere in the middle. He goes on to explain, “The slightly self-conscious elements of light-hearted humor is something that’s inherent in Star Wars. It’s not the whole. And we get very serious in the film too. And I think that brazen balance of those two things is also something that belongs to Star Wars.”

There’s no denying that Johnson’s film shook the galaxy far, far away — and drew a misplaced ire thanks to the idea that going elsewhere with Star Wars is sacrilegious. Johnson is aware of what he did and how it has impacted stories since then. “I definitely didn’t approach this as a meta-exercise because I feel that first and foremost it needs to be an honest expression of what the characters are actually going through. And it’s not very interesting to just think about Star Wars in a meta way.”

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Cue Luke yells, “The sacred texts!” as Yoda burns the books, allowing the Jedi Master to write his own ending. “You’re dealing with a story that’s about heroes and a younger generation meeting their heroes and a generation that’s now the older generation of heroes dealing with it, role models for the younger generation to be and still be people with flaws and weaknesses. ‘ Johnson said. “And someone who plays the part of a legend, you know, but who feels fallible as a human being. Realizing the value this legend has at the end of the film and realizing that there are places to rise and that can be for the younger generation. If you delve into all of those things, the legends I grew up with were the characters in Star Wars. When I think about what has been the most consistent thing in my life, it’s these films. And again, anyone making a Star Wars film today is going to, in some way, confront their relationship with Star Wars itself.”

But Rian, we want to see more of your relationship with Star Wars! We’re still waiting for the promised trilogy.

Watch the whole interview here:

Director Rian Johnson introduces his most famous films | GQ

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