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Poco F4 Endurance Test – Tests by

Poco F4 Endurance Test – Tests by

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Back then, the Poco F3 was a big hit, perhaps the biggest since the original Poco F1. While nowhere near the price of this phone, it was still very cheap for a “flagship killer,” and the specs were spot on. Naturally, that got us very interested in its successor, the Poco F4, and whether or not it was able to replicate the formula of the F3 well.

Now that it’s been out for a while, we feel like we can take a closer look. It’s also received a few software updates, so any initial issues should be resolved. With that in mind, we decided to test it extensively and live with it day-to-day as our only smartphone to create this long-term review to give you an idea of ​​what it’s like as an everyday driver.

Poco F4 long-term test

We’ll say it right at the start – this is a strange one. It launched with the same SoC as its predecessor, which was surprising enough, but currently checking European prices reveals something even more surprising: there has been basically no price cut, even now, more than five months after its release. This is definitely not something that comes naturally to Poco.

As the price is fairly similar to that of the F3 before the F4 came out, we’ll hazard a guess and say we don’t think many owners of the former have opted to purchase the latter, which is probably for the best . Maybe the F5 will bring upgrades worth it soon, we’ll have to wait and see.

Poco F4 long-term test

In the meantime, let’s try to figure out how good buying the Poco F4 is in late 2022 in a very crowded field. We mean the mid-range field, although its chipset choice actually puts it in an odd middle ground between traditional mid-range devices and “flagship killers” (to qualify as such, it would have to have a newer SoC). Join us over the next few pages as we decode what it all means, what the pros are, and what cons you should expect if you decide to use one of these in the near future.

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