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Onboard WiFi will soon be free on Delta flights

Onboard WiFi will soon be free on Delta flights

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Delta Airlines is preparing to make inflight Wi-Fi completely free for most passengers starting next year, according to a Wall Street Journal report citing several unnamed sources.

The company would not confirm any upcoming free Wi-Fi to Gizmodo. “We are currently in the process of testing the WLAN infrastructure with various offers for selected customers on selected routes. Customers will be notified if they have this option on their flight,” a Delta spokesman wrote in an email. However, the airline’s CEO Ed Bastian has previously indicated that he would like free connectivity on Delta aircraft. And the company recently ran small tests for SkyMiles members, according to a report by website Thrifty Traveler.

Back in 2019, Delta piloted free WiFi service for all passengers on 55 flights. However, this process did not result in an immediate change. Delta currently offers WiFi on more than half of its aircraft, with prices starting at $5 for a single flight. The company has also reportedly been testing SpaceX’s Starlink to improve its in-flight connectivity.

Onboard WiFi is notoriously poor but improving. It’s been so unreliable in the past that the federal government had to step in earlier this year to force airlines to reimburse customers when the internet craps mid-air. But Gizmodo would be far less likely to complain about it if it didn’t cost money. After all, it’s a modern feat of technology to be able to stream an internet connection to your electronic device while soaring through the sky at hundreds of miles per hour. And if it’s free – all the better.

If Delta stops charging for the service, it wouldn’t be the first airline to do so. Notably, JetBlue offers unlimited WiFi, which is free for all passengers. And many other international airlines offer the service to selected customers or under certain circumstances and restrictions.

Previously, Hawaiin Airlines also announced that it would offer free internet on long-haul flights via Starlink next year. And both American Airlines and Southwest have conducted tests of free Wi-Fi, according to the Wall Street Journal. However, Delta is the second largest airline in the world by number of flights and would be the largest to offer unlimited, free internet on its planes.

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