NBA on TNT announced that All-Star Captains will select reserves first, followed by starters

NBA on TNT announced that All-Star Captains will select reserves first, followed by starters

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The new format that the NBA introduced for the All-Star Game a few years ago has brought life and energy back to the event. In seasons past, the All-Star was nothing more than a glorious scramble, and now players have a chance to become more competitive. A new issue added this season was that the All-Star Captains would pick teams 30 minutes before the game. Now we have learned that reserves will be selected before the starters this year.

By picking the reserves first, the aim is to eliminate the discussion of why someone was picked last in the draft. Why does that even matter? These players are lucky enough to be All-Stars, and they really could care less about where they are selected in an All-Star Draft.

Here’s how the Sunday night NBA All-Star Draft will work:

LeBron and Giannis will select the reserves first, then the other 8 starters will be selected after that.

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Does a player really care if they get picked last in the All-Star Draft? The league seems to think so.

Ernie Johnson and the NBA on TNT crew leaked the information about the change in player selections last night. Both captains LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo will continue to select their players as has been the case in previous seasons. However, they have been informed that they will select their reserves first and then select from the pool of remaining starters.

Apparently, some fans were unhappy last year when center Rudy Gobert was drafted last in the All-Star draft. A season before that, Kevin Durant and LeBron were the captains of the All-Star draft and a similar situation happened.

James Harden and Gobert were the last two players standing as reserves in the All-Star Draft. It was Durant’s turn to pick and he chose Gobert over Harden and it made LeBron and others laugh. Harden had just been traded from the Nets at the time, and Durant didn’t choose Harden out of spite.

That could be another reason why the league is choosing to go this route. The appetizers were chosen as appetizers for a reason. Letting the reserves go first eliminates anyone with a specific sense of where players have been taken. This year’s 72nd Annual All-Star Game begins at 8:00 p.m. EST on TNT and the pre-game draft begins at 7:30 a.m.

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