Minnesota’s Anthony Edwards slams players for resting during NBA regular season: ‘Just play, man’ – Basketball Insiders

Minnesota’s Anthony Edwards slams players for resting during NBA regular season: ‘Just play, man’ – Basketball Insiders

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Stress management has been a recurring problem in the NBA lately as coaches continue to struggle with the intense regular season schedule, doing their best every night to play against their best athletes but finding it impossible, injuries and accumulated fatigue to avoid.

As Minnesota guard Anthony Edwards headed for his first All-Star game last Sunday, a reporter asked him if he had the ability to change one thing about the NBA, what would it be? Pondering the question, the Timberwolves said there really wasn’t much he would do except do one thing.

“Probably all the guys just sit and rest,” Edwards replied in reference to load management. “That’s the only thing I probably don’t like. Just play man. If you are 80%, 70 – you have to play. I don’t like all the sitting, missing games and stuff like that. These people might have enough money to get to a game, you know what I mean? That might be the game they come to and then you sit outside.”

Because the shooting guard, who lost 12 points in 17 minutes for Team Giannis last night, believes it’s not just a problem the league needs to solve, but more importantly the players. “I pride myself on trying to play every game because you never know if there might be a fan who might never have seen me play and I try to play.”

Check out the interview for yourself in the tweet below:

Anthony Edwards just became my favorite NBA player

— Wu-Tang is for the kids (@WUTangKids) February 19, 2023

Edwards took the time to help all of us remember that the fans are the most important thing and the NBA should look after them.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver doesn’t believe load management is an NBA issue

We have witnessed this problem many times as NBA fans. We can all remember that in 2020 the Los Angeles Clippers had no choice but to rest stars Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, especially at the end of the campaign when they were needed the most. Other veterans like Anthony Davis or LeBron James seem to need the rest to perform at their best when expected on the court.

However, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver does not consider load management “a real problem in the NBA”. “There is real medical and scientific data on what is appropriate,” he said. “For me, the premise of whether players are playing enough suggests that they should be playing more.”

Watch as Silver addresses the issue in Sunday’s news conference in Salt Lake City:

During the 2020-21 season, the NBA ruled that healthy players would not be allowed to sit out nationally televised games, or even away games, unless there were exceptional circumstances. While it is not clear what those circumstances are, we understand the focus is on the competitions shown on national television.

According to this NBA ruling, teams will be fined at least $100,000 if they do not comply with this rule. It seems this is an issue that Timberwolves fans needn’t worry about as Edwards, who has become a star alongside Minnesota’s Rudy Gobert and Karl-Anthony Towns, is just 21 years old.

Still, being young and energetic is one thing and being LeBron James at 38 is another. So, stress management will still be an issue to be solved in the NBA as teams must strategize to find a way to get their athletes to get the most out of the 82-game regular season.

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