Manchester United: Why the Glazers could stay at Old Trafford

Manchester United: Why the Glazers could stay at Old Trafford

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Old Trafford general viewManchester United have played at their current home, Old Trafford, since 1910

Manchester United have been the subject of intense debate over the past three days since Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani and then Ineos reiterated their interest in buying the Old Trafford club.

Sums of £4.5 billion have been mentioned as a possible sale price.

It is not known if other bidders have come forward, although interest has been expected from the United States and possibly Saudi Arabia.

However, US-based Elliott Investment Management is believed to be offering to put together an investment package that would allow the Glazer family to retain some sort of interest in United, the club they have owned since 2005.

What happens next?

It is expected that there will be further discussions between the Raine Group, which is processing expressions of interest, and the Glazer family on the next steps.

In the meantime, those who have submitted offers will be given access to United’s “data room,” which contains all of their financial information, including details on contracts and sponsorship agreements.

This vital information is protected as anyone entering must sign agreements pledging to either immediately dispose of it if they do not proceed with an offer or not to use it in any way that could harm United.

Raine Group had hoped to complete the whole process by the end of March and InNewCL Sport have previously been told there would be no question of doing so by the end of the season at the latest.

Could the Glazers stay?

Since the initial announcement in November, club sources have stressed that ‘strategic alternatives’ didn’t just mean a sale, although many have focused on that.

It has now been established that both Sheikh Jassim and Ineos have received a communication from Raine Group urging them not to make what they consider caustic public statements, including terms such as United’s return to their ‘glory years’ , which she regarded as an implicit criticism of the Glaser.

This has been interpreted by some as increasing the potential for the family to remain in control. If they were going anyway, why should they care what has been said about them, especially as it can hardly be argued that United have come a long way in terms of trophy-collecting since Sir Alex Ferguson retired in 2013 is.

While six Glazer siblings are listed as directors of the club, it was always thought that co-chairmen Joel and Avram were the couple with the greatest connection to United.

InNewCL Sport has been told that Joel Glazer was one of the strongest voices in favor of the club remaining in its current location at Old Trafford rather than building an entirely new stadium. This is based on the basis that he appreciates the legacy that comes from the current team playing in the same spot as all previous ones, dating back to 1910.

What would the fans think of that?

In short, not much. Protests have been a regular feature at matches since the Premier League match against Liverpool in May 2021 had to be postponed when fans broke into the stadium before kick-off and destroyed all Covid-19 protocols.

Songs against the Glazer family can be heard at every game.

On Monday, The 1958, a group of supporters dedicated to getting rid of the Glazer family, issued a powerful statement on social media.

It included the phrase, “The Glazers are universally despised and will never be accepted. They’re done for.”

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