Live Match Preview – Chelsea Women vs PSG Women 12/22/2022

Live Match Preview – Chelsea Women vs PSG Women 12/22/2022

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Emma Hayes will not get caught up in the permutations of the Champions League clash between Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain and will offer her opinion on the spate of ACL injuries in women’s football.

Going into the final Group A game, the Blues are three points clear of their French opponents at the top of the table. They would have to lose by two goals or more to not progress as group winners.

After suffering a shock exit in the group stage last season, Hayes says her side wouldn’t even consider not going for a win in every game.

“We play to win every game – you learn that over the years,” Hayes said.

“Last year was such a learning curve for the team. If you go into a game where you’re like, ‘Oh, as long as we don’t lose by a certain number,’ that’s disastrous headspace and one I wouldn’t entertain at all.

“The training was tough and it was difficult for many reasons, because when a team strives for the greatest things, they need to train with this application… I expect my team to have the right approach and I would be disappointed if that were the case Otherwise.”

Women’s Champions League – how does Group A fare?

Teams Matches played Goal difference Points Chelsea 5 15 13 PSG 5 9 10 Real Madrid 5 -1 5 Vllaznia 5 -23 0

Hayes reported a largely clean health for Thursday’s game at Stamford Bridge – with all available players fit – and hopes the same situation will come full-time as ACL injuries ravage other women’s teams across Europe.

When asked if an increased fixture list might be a factor, Hayes replied, “It has nothing to do with playing more in my opinion. That’s not that easy.

“We don’t play anywhere near the number of games they play in the men’s game, but they don’t have the same number of injuries of that nature. It’s a much bigger conversation that goes beyond that.

Group A permutations: Chelsea, PSG both through

Chelsea and PSG have already qualified for the quarterfinals. Real Madrid and Vllaznia are out. Chelsea will be first if they avoid a loss by two or more goals against PSG.

“There’s a big debate about this, which is tragic for the players. It’s about delivering the knowledge of what it takes to keep players on the pitch.”

Chelsea will enjoy a three-and-a-half week winter break after completing the Champions League group stage before returning to action against Arsenal in WSL live on InNewCL Sports on January 15.

Hayes will allow herself to switch off at the break – although she says she is still coping after a six-week absence following an emergency hysterotomy – and reflects on a seismic 2022 for women’s football.

“I’m happy for my staff and players that they’re getting a break. Personally, I’m just getting back on my feet,” she added.

Katerina Svitkova scored Chelsea's third goal late

Image: Chelsea beat Villaznia 4-0 in the Champions League last week

“I would be lying to you if I said I spilled materials at the start of the year. Switching off means switching off and it’s for a reason, because you have to create the headspace to be able to have another jump.

“My first thought when we come back, we go to a warm weather training camp, prepare properly and then go into the first game, which happens to be Arsenal.

“It’s the game everyone wants to see. It’s a top game with two top teams at their best – these are the games I love the most.

“I think the gradual growth [of women’s football] happened anyway, there was already a solid foundation. It took an explosive moment like the Euros to almost inject steroids into the sport and quickly advance our journey.

“But the foundations that underpin us are capable of meeting these challenges. It’s about staying where we are now and moving on, especially at next year’s World Cup.

“But what a wonderful year for women’s football and for the Lionesses in particular. They made the whole country proud of their achievements.”

Eriksson: A bad result against PSG will annoy me at the break

Emma Hayes was delighted with Chelsea's maturity after completing full-time

Image: Chelsea captain Magdalena Eriksson also spoke to the media ahead of the Champions League game

Chelsea captain Magdalena Eriksson agreed with her manager that the team is aiming for an outright win and said any other result would leave her stewing at the winter break.

She said: “That thought hadn’t even crossed my mind [to not target a win]. We’re really happy and satisfied that we’ve already qualified from this tough group, but we go into every single game we play with the aim of winning.

“I think it’s a great test for us tomorrow to see where we stand against another top team in Europe. We will give everything and hopefully win before we go into the Christmas break.

“I’m the type of person who gets angry all Christmas break if I don’t get a good result tomorrow. I know the game is my first priority, if we get a good result then I do.” know i will enjoy it.

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Highlights of the Women’s Super League game between Chelsea and Reading.

“It’s been a lot of games, a lot of travel, so I’m definitely looking forward to a family break. I go home [to Sweden]I haven’t been home to see my family in maybe six months, so I’m looking forward to it.”

In recent WSL injuries, Vivianne Miedema and her Arsenal partner and team-mate Beth Mead have both picked up cruciate ligament injuries without being apart for weeks.

Eriksson is in a relationship with injured Chelsea team-mate Pernille Harder and has been asked how having the support and understanding of another footballer can help at a time like this.

“It’s really nice to have someone who knows what you’re going through,” she said. “I had to be Pernille’s rock in her first few weeks [injury]but she was always my rock.

“She’s the one who helps me how to deal with difficult moments in my career or on the pitch. It’s really nice to have someone around who understands what you’re going through and has just the right words to say.”

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