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Less Fillers and More 2023 Skincare Predictions from Dermatologists

Less Fillers and More 2023 Skincare Predictions from Dermatologists

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When it comes to vibrant skincare ingredients, beauty lovers can expect staples like retinols, peptides, and hyaluronic acid to dominate the rest. like dr As Karyn Grossman pointed out, not only are retinoids the “gold standard of anti-aging, anti-acne skin care,” but Hyaluronic Acid keeps skin plump and hydrated – so they work in harmony to give you the best results.

But for those who find that retinoids can irritate their skin, Dr. Skotnicki that peptides are great alternatives.

“Peptides are not irritating but can produce results similar to retinol,” the Hims & Hers consultant shared. “They’re now in everything from skincare to lip balms.”

In addition, there are two other all-star ingredients that Dr. Karan Lal predicts that they will rise sharply in 2023: niacinamide and glutathione.

“We see niacinamide everywhere. Why? It helps repair your skin barrier and reduce inflammation,” said the pediatric and cosmetic dermatologist. “It also shrinks pores and helps with acne.”

As for glutathione? It could dethrone vitamin C, as Dr. Lal said we’ve exhausted the unstable ascorbic acid.

“Glutathione has only just started to gain popularity in the US, but has been popular in Asian skincare for years,” he noted. “I suspect it will find its way into other products that target hyperpigmentation.”

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