LeBron James is the most popular sports star from Ohio, according to new data

LeBron James is the most popular sports star from Ohio, according to new data

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From the NBA and NFL to the MLB and NHL, every league has players from all parts of the US, but who are the most popular Ohio players?

To see which sports stars have garnered the most fans, created an index that ranks Ohio athletes based on various factors such as social media mentions, follower growth, and average monthly searches.

At the top with a very impressive 95.3 index score out of 100 is Lakers player and one of the most famous faces in basketball, having played in the NBA for 20 years, LeBron James. It’s no surprise that he has the highest scores for average monthly search volume (4,200,000), total Wikipedia page views (6,400,000), follower growth in 2022 (26,100,000), and mentions in the social media (4,500,000). It’s no surprise that he’s Ohio’s favorite sports star.

The only thing LeBron doesn’t have top marks for is the percentage of positive online conversations in 2022, which at 16.3% is behind six other stars in the top 10. But maybe that’s because of his notoriety?

In second place with a score of 66.9 is another NBA player, this time for the Golden State Warriors, Steph Curry. He gets strong scores for average searches (3,800,000), Wikipedia page views (6,300,000), and social media mentions (2,000,000), with the main difference between him and LeBron being down to smaller but still impressive follower growth of 7,600,000 in 2022.

Denver Broncos NFL quarterback Russell Wilson finds himself in third place with a score of 26.3. Rounding out the top 5 are two NFL players and brothers, Travis Kelce (14.7) who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs and Jason Kelce (13.8) for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Below is a table of the 10 most popular sports stars in Ohio:

PositionPlayerIndex Score1LeBron James95,32Stephen Curry66,93Russell Wilson26,34Travis Kelce14,75Jason Kelce13,86Kyle Schwarber11,87CJ McCollum108Chris Bassitt9,49Denzel Ward8,410Mitchell Trubisky6,9

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