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Kuo: Apple postpones iPhone SE 4 to 2024

Kuo: Apple postpones iPhone SE 4 to 2024

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Apple has lower-than-expected sales of mid-range iPhones, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims. As a result, Cupertino is expected to cancel or at least postpone the iPhone SE 4 to 2024.

The company needs to re-evaluate its strategy and pricing as the next-gen iPhone SE will have a full-screen design, which means higher production costs.

Kuo: Apple will delay the iPhone SE 4 to 2024

According to the analyst, downsizing and postponing the new phone would help reduce “unnecessary spending on new product development” and also help the company meet “the challenges of the global economic recession in 2023.”

Early renders indicated that the iPhone SE 4, which will likely be called the iPhone SE (2024), will be based on the iPhone XR. The X-Generation was the first to ditch Touch ID, leaving Face ID as the only method of biometric authentication, and now the SE-Series is expected to join with any phone arrival.

Kuo: Apple will delay the iPhone SE 4 to 2024

Apple usually unveils the iPhone SE in the spring, which means it will take at least 15 months for the phone to arrive, and we can be sure that the chipset will be the main change from the iPhone XR, which will help the camera take better shots and make iOS run more smoothly.

However, Apple has had more than enough time to reconsider its decisions, which means nothing is final at this point.


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