Ja Morant isn’t shy about his team’s confidence, saying: “No. I’m fine in the west’

Ja Morant isn’t shy about his team’s confidence, saying: “No. I’m fine in the west’

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After a 105-91 loss on the road to the Nuggets last night, the Grizzlies are now 19-11 and tied with Denver for first place in the Western Conference. They are 7-3 in their last ten games but are on a losing streak in two games. Yes, Morant and the Grizzlies have a young roster that’s still trying to prove they’re one of the best out west. In a recent interview, Morant wasn’t shy to say he’s not afraid of any other team out west stopping the Grizzlies in the playoffs.

Morant and the Grizzlies have built on each of his seasons in the NBA. He helped lead Memphis to the playoffs in his freshman season, and last year he and the Grizzlies led Golden State to a six-game streak in the Western Conference semifinals. In a recent interview with ESPN, Morant said the only team the Grizzlies had to worry about was the Celtics.

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“Nah. I’m fine in the West.”

When asked about the Grizzlies top competition in the NBA, Ja Morant sees no 😳 in the Western Conference

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Yes Morant thinks grizzlies are doing well in the west

In a recent interview with ESPN’s Malika Andrews, Morant was asked which teams he thinks the Grizzlies need to go through to top the West. His answer wasn’t what you think.

“Who do you look at studying in the league and say, ‘We have to go through them?’ – Malika Andrews

“Celtic.” – Yes Morant

“No one in the West?” – Andreas

“Nah. I’m fine in the west.” — Morant

It’s good for Morant to have that confidence in the team and in himself, but he’s just given the rest of the Western Conference a reason to want to beat them. Simple bulletin board material. Ultimately, this could have been a shot at the Golden State Warriors, who knocked Morant and the Memphis out of the playoffs last season. On top of that, the Warriors beat the Grizzlies in the play-in game in 2021, knocking them out early again. The 82-game season is a real challenge, but Morant seems to have the bigger picture in mind.

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