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How to get the final report of the January 6th panel

How to get the final report of the January 6th panel

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The heads of the January 6th committee stare at a wall of reporters with cameras.

The Jan. 6 Special Committee has spent the past year and a half investigating the insurgency, which will culminate in a more than 800-page document to be released on Wednesday. Photo: Tom Brenner Pool (Getty Images)

Update: The Jan. 6 Select Committee announced late Wednesday that it would be postponing the release of the full final report until Thursday.

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If you start to feel like you haven’t been able to keep up with all the news swirling around former President Donald Trump, just know that you’re like a lot of people out there trying to argue about it who is investigating or bringing charges against whom Trump will be hit, or whether Trump will don a space suit, as shown on one of his now infamous Trump NFTs, and ride on the next NASA Artemis rocket.

The final report, expected to be over 800 pages, should be published as a public document on a government website. In all likelihood, it will appear on the January 6 Special Committee official website. When released, it will be one of the most detailed reports ever produced by a congressional working group, especially considering the Jan. 6 special committee spent more than a year and a half investigating, including month-by-month witness testimony and back -Tower meetings with witnesses.

You can also expect the site to be bombarded with requests to download the lengthy document. If the site goes down, expect to find several different reporters and sites sharing the document as well. Just don’t fall for suspicious links while you’re at it.

There are portions of the document that California Rep. Pete Aguilar said can be redacted because they are “sensitive to law enforcement.”

Click to see what’s already out and what most analysts are looking for in the full document.

Update 12/21/22 at 4:30pm ET: This post was updated to say that the January 6th committee would release the final report on Thursday instead of Wednesday.

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