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How motherhood changed Ashley Greene’s attitude towards body image

How motherhood changed Ashley Greene’s attitude towards body image

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Nor will she voice any of these concerns out loud, she and Paul are both very wary of allowing Kingsley to record negative body language.

“You have to check yourself because they pick up on everything — your energy, how you talk to yourself, how you talk to each other,” she said of her daughter. “We have to be nicer to ourselves. At least now we know — through magazine covers and social media — that women can be so incredibly hard and toxic on themselves at times, and we really need to work on reprogramming how we look, about ourselves, and how we talk to ourselves and what we do expect from us.”

Luckily, Ashley has a whole pack of new parents to turn to when she needs a reminder.

She and her Twilight co-stars are still family and are “in constant touch,” as she revealed through their ongoing text messaging chain. Kingsley was recently introduced to Jackson Rathbone’s three children: Monroe, 10, Presley, 6, and Felix, 3, and they’re hoping to add Nikki Reed’s 5-year-old daughter, Bodhi, and Peter Facinelli’s youngest, 5-month-old son, Jack, into the mix .

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