Gary Neville Podcast: Premier League title race, Sunday’s Carabao Cup final, Leeds manager hunt and more | football news

Gary Neville Podcast: Premier League title race, Sunday’s Carabao Cup final, Leeds manager hunt and more | football news

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In the latest Gary Neville podcast, the InNewCL Sports pundit opens up on a “fascinating” Premier League title race, Sunday’s Carabao Cup final, Leeds’ protracted search for a new head coach and Graham Potter’s precarious situation at Chelsea…

‘Sloppy Man City still give Arsenal a chance’

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The Premier League title race was still in Arsenal’s favour, but after losing to Man City in midweek it was crucial they won at Aston Villa on Saturday and for so long it looked like it was in doubt . Villa performed well but it was a really good win for Arsenal, important.

It’s such a long road and it’s going to turn back and forth. I watched the highlights of City’s game against Nottingham Forest and they missed chance after chance and were sloppy in front of goal.

I still can’t get past Bernardo Silva at left-back. I think they might concede goals there if this keeps up and Pep Guardiola is taking a risk if he has him there. When they took the lead against Arsenal and started to feel comfortable is when they went to a proper back four and Manuel Akanji was there with Ruben Dias and Kyle Walker.

We have a fascinating title race. Arsenal needed a good weekend. They have conceded 10 goals in the last six games. You have to stop conceding goals. One of the hallmarks of a run-in is that when you’re conceding goals and teams think they have a chance, it’s very difficult to win a league. You just have to look at it.

It will give them confidence coming out of this weekend. They can have a five point lead again if they win their game. Thomas Partey not playing is a failure but they just have to think about going clean again in this next period.

But for City, they still give Arsenal a great chance because they’re not playing at their best, are sloppy in front of goal and still look vulnerable at the back.

Saturday 25 February 5:00 p.m. Start 5:30 p.m

‘Pope suspension gives Man Utd an advantage’

I think the toughest position on a football pitch is as a goalkeeper. Even though I’m sometimes quite critical of them, I respect this position enormously. It’s a difficult position. The other is to play alone in front.

Newcastle, who do not have (Nick) Pope for Sunday’s Carabao Cup final, is a blow to them. But it’s a cup final. Newcastle will be desperate to win, as will Man Utd. But it must be an advantage for United that Newcastle lose such an important player.

Sunday, February 26, 3:00 p.m. Kick-off 4:30 p.m

However, Man Utd play Barcelona in an important, monumental second leg on Thursday night after a brilliant game at the Nou Camp, so it could also be offset a little that Man Utd have other thoughts this week.

But it’s going to be a really interesting game. I’ll be there and I can’t wait because it’s a really fascinating story that these two clubs are desperate for a trophy.

Nev: Leeds manager search worrying

It would be a worry for Leeds. Saturday was such a big game for them. It was also for Everton and Sean Dyche and they did well to get the win. But from a Leeds perspective you have to look past the players and the caretaker manager and say things aren’t looking too good. When you’re firing a manager, you need a seamless transition to reassure the dressing room and fan base and keep us from thinking you don’t know what you’re doing.

Sometimes it can be bad planning, sometimes arrogance, or both, that can make you fire your manager thinking, “Don’t worry, we’ll get one of the ones we want.” Then suddenly they all reject you or are unavailable. It can happen. It’s usually naivety that causes that when you rise above your position and think you can bring in whoever you want.

‘Chelsea owners need to keep their cool’

Graham Potter is under massive pressure. You can see it on his face. The missed chances in the second half against Southampton at the weekend and the boos at the end of the game felt a little ominous.

I think they will want to do the right thing, the Chelsea owners. They fired a manager in Thomas Tuchel very early in the season, they owned their new manager, they put recruiting assistants on his side, so they invested a lot in Graham and his team.

You’ll have to keep your nerve if you’re going to pull it off, but I suspect those nerves will be tested, as would any owner’s nerves, when you’ve spent so much money and are losing games to the ground at home the league.

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Paul Merson says Chelsea are a team of individuals and don’t see their poor form ending anytime soon after home defeat to Southampton

He’s a fantastic trainer and watching Potter you get the feeling he’s a measured man. They get the idea that he wants to build a game pattern with a group of players on a consistent basis, and he has 33 of them staring him down the barrel and saying, “Play me.”

They’re not youth players, they’re senior internationals and I can’t imagine what it must be like to have 33 players. I was a coach for a very short time and we had a squad of 22, 23 players at Valencia and you look at 11, 12 players every week who think ‘I’m not going to play you’. He has 22 players who will not play. If they’re all fit, how do you even get them into a training session?

For a good training session you need 16-20 players. If you have 22 players, five of them train with the reserves or alone. That is not right. They’ve had to lay off Graham Potter players to take the pressure off of dealing with all the players who expect to play every single week.

I used the word messy and I think it was messy for the first six months of owning Boehly. I won’t change my mind about that. They’ve invested a lot, they’re spending their money where their mouth is and they’re saying the right things, but at this point it’s not going to be a successful project when you have 33 players all looking at the manager and a manager who wants to set up a measured project.

It feels a bit of a contradiction in terms of what Potter would normally be really good at and what the owner seems to want when it comes to filling a roster and amassing players with that kind of volume.

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