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Ethereum Denver fake website linked to a notorious phishing wallet

Ethereum Denver fake website linked to a notorious phishing wallet

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A fake website of the popular Ethereum conference in Denver is the latest red-flagged phishing target of a smart contract that stole over $300,000 worth of ether (ETH).

The popular conference’s website was duplicated by hackers this week in an attempt to trick users into connecting their MetaMask wallets. According to Blockfence, which identified the fraudulent website, the smart contract accessed more than 2,800 wallets and stole over $300,000 in the past six months.

Another day, another scam.
This time the scammer aimed at them @EthereumDenver Website. Blockfence is here to protect you and fight scammers together: The scam contract has been flagged as ‘high risk’ by our ML algorithm and our partners at @GoplusSecurity

— Blockfence (@blockfence_io) February 20, 2023

ETHDenver also issued a note to his followers on Twitter warning him about the malicious website.

Hello Bufficorns!!

Please note that there is a FAKE ETHDenver website asking you to connect your wallet.

“Go-ETHDenver” is not us. Please report the site!

— ETHDenver (@EthereumDenver) February 20, 2023

Blockfence CEO Omri Lahav told Cointelegraph that users were prompted to connect their MetaMask wallets using the usual “connect wallet” button. The website initiates a transaction which, if approved, performs the malicious function and steals users’ funds.

Blockfence’s research team identified the incident while tracking various trends in the industry. Lahav said that the smart contract running the scam has stolen over 177 ETH since its launch in mid-2022:

“Since the smart contract was deployed almost six months ago, it’s possible that it was used on other phishing sites.”

Hackers had gone so far as to pay for a Google ad to promote the malicious website’s URL, betting on high search trends, with ETHDenver taking place on February 24th and 25th. The fake website came up second in a Google search, above the actual ETHDenver website.

As Cointelegraph previously reported, hacks and scams continue to be commonplace in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. In 2022, over $2.8 billion worth of cryptocurrencies were stolen through a variety of hacks and exploits.

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