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Enter the historic home of Christian Siriano in Connecticut

Enter the historic home of Christian Siriano in Connecticut

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In the world of living and fashion, the old is new again.

When Christian Siriano came across his new home in Easton, Connecticut, the designer wasn’t surprised to learn the property was built in 1744. Instead, the 37-year-old was immediately intrigued by the story behind it.

“It’s literally one of the oldest houses in Connecticut, which is what makes it so cool,” Christian told Town & Country. “George Washington stayed there twice. I wanted a place where my family could come and stay. It’s a much cozier place and quite old; a typical Connecticut home that also feels very nostalgic.”

Look around the property and you’ll see fireplaces in every room. Christian also admitted that you could see some rooms that have been upgraded a bit.

“Some rooms certainly needed more ‘makeover’ than others,” he said. “But the original floors are still there, the doors, even the fireplaces still go through the walls and chimney.”

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