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Emily in Paris’ Samuel Arnold is ready for Julien’s win

Emily in Paris’ Samuel Arnold is ready for Julien’s win

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Warning: This article contains spoilers for Emily in Paris season three.

Julien may just be ready to hand in his two-week notice to Agence Grateau.

Samuel Arnold, who plays trendy marketing whiz Julien in Emily in Paris, has hinted that the rivalry between his character and Lily Collins’ eponymous Emily will only escalate in the future.

“When they met, it was like there was this rivalry that’s bon enfant,” he told E! News. “As we say in French, it’s just childish. Nothing too serious about it, but they become true friends and allies.

Continuing, Samuel noted that Julien will “get a new color” as his character will be green with envy this season. In fact, Julien’s frustration with Emily interfering with his work drives Julien to consider a potential new business opportunity in the Season 3 finale.

And we have a feeling this opportunity has something to do with Madeline (Kate Walsh) as she sought a new French president for Savoir’s Paris office earlier in the season.

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