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Disney’s Strange World Deleted Scene Highlights Heroine Moment

Disney’s Strange World Deleted Scene Highlights Heroine Moment

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Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Strange World is coming to home media platforms in time for the holidays. And with the digital release on December 23, animation fans can unlock special features not yet available on Disney+, where the film will also stream.

Directed by Don Hall and written by Qui Nguyen (the filmmakers behind Raya and the Last Dragon), Strange World revolves around the Clade family of explorers as they embark on a grand adventure that will lead them into unknown territory filled with beauty and bizarre energy , which is the heart of their ecosystem – which happens to fail. The Clade legacy ties directly to this; Searcher Clade (voiced by Jake Gyllenhaal) brought some of that luminous power back to their valley on a previous outing his father Jaeger Clade (Dennis Quaid) led and then continued without him. Searcher is recruited by Callisto Mal (Lucy Liu) to venture beyond the frontiers of where they were before, where he reunites with the older Clade before discovering that the youngest Clade, his son Ethan (Jaboukie White), hiding on her ship.

The scene we’re exclusively debuting is a moment between Callisto and Meridian Clade (Gabrielle Union), Searcher’s wife, who followed them into the unknown as Ethan ran off. We learn more about her past as an ace pilot with the best flying skills that just come in handy.

Deleted scene from “Lightning Lynx” in the strange world

You’re telling me this already fun and fantastic family adventure had a Lucy Liu and Gabrielle Union pure moment that got cut? A loss really because both characters are so badass and complex in their own right. It would have been nice to keep such a moment in history; Callisto and Meridian with a cool backstory is something we’d love to see explored as the Strange World universe expands as a series it has so much potential for.

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Strange World launches December 23 on Disney+ and all major digital platforms; it’s coming February 14 on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD.

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