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Captain Lee below decks praises his substitute Captain Sandy

Captain Lee below decks praises his substitute Captain Sandy

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Captain Lee Rosbach has officially left the building…or should we say boat.

The longtime Bravos Below Deck star said goodbye to his boat and crew on the December 19 episode of the series due to ongoing medical issues with his nerves. But until he recovers quickly (hopefully), he announced his replacement will be none other than Below Deck Mediterranean’s Captain Sandy Yawn.

“Capt Sandy came in and saved me in a difficult situation,” he said wrote on Twitterr during the episode, “and I appreciate their efforts.”

His feelings mean a lot to Captain Sandy, who tweeted in response“That’s what we do. I’m so glad to see you in much better health now. Stay healthy my friend.”

As exciting as it is to see Captain Sandy stepping in to take over the crew’s St. Lucia charter, fans are saddened to say goodbye to Captain Lee. But he has promised his time at Bravo is not over when he tweeted after the episode“So you know the drill, I hope we’ll all see you in a couple of weeks if all goes well and I think we will.”

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