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Capricorn shopping horoscope: 11 gifts for the GOAT (get it?)

Capricorn shopping horoscope: 11 gifts for the GOAT (get it?)

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Every Capricorn I know is over-planned and wouldn’t want it any other way. You are a buzzword “It’s done” in the form of a person.

They have the task-completion drive of their earth sign siblings Virgo, but somehow without the moderately muddy center. You appreciate the finer things, like the earth sign Taurus, but with a penchant for cleaner lines and minimalism – comfort is not required.

Our sea goat friends are tough and no-nonsense and can often be an army, but that just means they deserve all the more love and appreciation that we don’t shower them with all year long. Also, so many holidays are woven during this sun sign’s season.

Combine that with a Capricorn’s natural instinct to do their own thing, and we’ve got a recipe for birthday oblivion.

Here are 11 birthday gifts for the Capricorn in your life so that doesn’t happen this year. Oh, or next year! You are the only sign that takes place in two different years! We think that’s pretty cool, although our GOAT favorites roll their eyes when we point it out to them.

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