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British newspaper The Guardian says it was hit by ransomware • InNewCL

British newspaper The Guardian says it was hit by ransomware • InNewCL

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UK newspaper The Guardian has confirmed that its systems have been hit by a “serious IT incident” which it believes is likely a ransomware attack.

The Guardian, whose media editor was the first to report the incident, said the incident began late Tuesday and affected parts of the company’s IT infrastructure.

“In the last 24 hours, there has been a major incident that has impacted our IT network and systems,” Guardian Media Group chief executive Anna Bateson and editor-in-chief Katharine Viner said in a note to staff believe this is a ransomware attack, but continue to evaluate all possibilities.”

As a result, the publisher said there was disruption to services “behind the scenes” and staff have been ordered to work remotely for the remainder of the week. But the company says online publishing is largely unaffected, adding it is “confident” it can still produce Thursday’s print newspaper.

Further details about the attack remain vague, and it’s unclear how The Guardian’s systems were compromised, whether data was stolen, or if a ransom note was received. Ransomware actors typically exfiltrate and then threaten to release a victim’s personal information if the ransom demand is not paid.

It’s also unclear who is behind the attack, and the incident doesn’t appear to have been claimed by a larger ransomware group yet.

When reached via email, a spokesman for The Guardian – who declined to give his name – did not answer InNewCL’s questions.

News organizations in the area have become regular targets of cyberattacks. In September, hackers broke the internal systems of US business publication Fast Company to send objectionable push notifications to Apple News users.

The New York Post also confirmed that it was hacked in October. However, the company later claimed that an unscrupulous employee was responsible for the “unlawful conduct” but declined to say what evidence the newspaper had of the employee’s guilt.

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