Berrettini: I was like a child who dreams and says: “I want to go to the moon” | ATP Tour

Berrettini: I was like a child who dreams and says: “I want to go to the moon” | ATP Tour

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Matteo Berrettini is used to playing against the world’s best players on some of the most legendary courses in the world. But even after winning seven ATP Tour titles, climbing to No. 6 in the Pepperstone ATP rankings and reaching a Grand Slam final at Wimbledon, the Italian sometimes still wonders how it all came about.

“My whole family plays tennis. They always told me, ‘Do what you love and do your best,'” Berrettini said in a recent interview with the ATP Tour. “Growing up, I never thought about it. I dreamed of maybe playing [in] Rome, [but] I was more like a kid dreaming and saying, “I want to go to the moon.” And then it happened. Everything [happened] so fast.”

Netflix’s Break Point in the second installment followed Berrettini’s stellar run to the semifinals at the 2022 Australian Open. Although that season ultimately ended in disappointment in Melbourne with a four-set loss to legend Rafael Nadal, the 26-year-old remains grateful for every experience , which he has collected in his life as a professional. Berrettini believes that the more he gives, the more he gets back, regardless of the result on the pitch.

“It teaches you a lot about who you are,” Berrettini said of participating in the ATP Tour. “[When] I was a kid, I had idols. I want to be one of those players. I would like to have children who are good-looking and say, “I will choose to play tennis, or I will improve this thing because I have seen Matteo do it”.

“When you think about that stuff, you just think it’s worth it.”

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