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Announcing the winners of the InNewCL Early Stage Audience Choice

Announcing the winners of the InNewCL Early Stage Audience Choice

#Announcing #winners #InNewCL #Early #Stage #Audience #Choice Welcome to InNewCL, here is the new story we have for you today:

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The Audience Choice results are in, which begs the question, could we be more excited to share this news? No we couldn’t. We curated 10 breakout sessions and 10 discussion groups from hundreds of applications. your order? Vote for the topics you’d like to see live and in person at the InNewCL Early Stage on April 20th in Boston, Massachusetts. And you voted – mission accomplished!

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A little background before we announce the 10 presentations that won the hearts, minds, and votes of InNewCL readers.

For the uninitiated, TC Early Stage is our annual founders’ summit. Workshops, breakouts and roundtables – led by established founders, leading subject matter experts and VCs – cover key entrepreneurial topics in the areas of fundraising, marketing and operations. Check out the agenda!

This one-day event gives emerging and early startup founders – from ideation through Series A – the confidence, skills, information, connections and community they need to take the next steps and grow their business.

Meet the winners of the TC Early Stage Audience Choice

The breakout sessions

Breakout sessions consist of a 20-minute presentation followed by a 20-minute Q&A in front of an audience of up to 125 founders. Each breakout occurs once during the event.

What Unicorns Know: Prepare your business for success by embracing Lean from the earliest stages

Speaker: Pablo Dominguez, Operating Partner, Insight Partners

Description: The most successful startups have one thing in common: they prepare for large-scale operational success in the earliest stages, some before they even have a product. But in a turbulent market, how can founders look so far ahead and predict their future business model? The answer is Scale, a five-principle Lean framework designed to help any organization accelerate its ability to grow. Survival of the leanest requires hopeful unicorns who examine, identify and eliminate waste that impedes the free flow of value to customers – without layoffs or knee-jerk cost-cutting. Dominguez will draw on 25 years of operator experience to explain how early-stage startups should leverage lean principles to thrive.

Assembling the perfect founding team: Insights and strategies for non-technical founders

Presenter: George Hantzaras, Technical Director, MongoDB

Description: Building a strong founding team is essential to the success of any startup, and finding the right technical co-founder can be an especially daunting task for non-technical founders. Hantzaras will explore the importance of assembling a diverse and balanced founding team and share best practices for finding and collaborating with the right technical co-founder. He will also address common challenges that non-technical founders may encounter in building their founding team and will offer practical strategies for overcoming them.

Lack of community: The not-so-secret enemy of early-stage founders

Speakers: Cait Brumme, CEO, MassChallenge; David Chang, entrepreneur and angel investor; Diane Hessan, Founder, C-Space

Description: For early-stage founders focused on building the best product, gathering market data, and getting the funding they need, consciously seeking out a community seems less important. The 4,000+ startups we’ve created offer case studies on how intentional community development can help founders achieve great things while catapulting their ability to build a business. We give you the opportunity to ask your most pressing questions and show you how to:

Build your startup community from scratch. Recognize the value of community at every stage of your company’s growth. Identify key players in your field and draw them into your circle. Build relationships with people who offer value beyond what they ask in return.

Extract the most value from “value-add” investors

Speaker: Amber Quiñones, Head of Platform and Operations, BBG Ventures

Description: Whether you call it “Platform,” “Portfolio Impact,” or a bunch of clever euphemisms, we live in the age of value-add VCs. Many companies have invested heavily in the platform function to expand the company’s network and help their investments succeed. However, due to the wide range of team structures and focus areas, founders have a hard time figuring out how to appropriately engage with Platform – and with what. Quiñones will demystify this function, clarify how the various forms of the VC platform can be leveraged and assemble an operational SWAT team to unlock more value from your value-add investors.

Creating a Successful Pilot Program: How to Prove Product Value and Win Your Umpteenth Customer

Voiced by: Ned Brody, CEO, Actifai

Description: A great pilot program eliminates initial roadblocks to customer growth, such as license costs and change management. Creating an ideal pilot engages customers in the critical introductory phase that enables success and future partnerships. It builds trust and relationship with decision makers and provides a financial proof of concept. Brody will describe how to create and run a pilot program that grows technology companies, including:

Designing a “living” value-added pilot. Creation of timeframes and roadmaps for pilot projects Minimizing customer technical and change requirements Creation of Executive Evangelists Standardization of pilot programs and customization to individual customer needs Development of statistically sound results and A/B test designs Incorporation of post-pilot conditions into contracts Capture key growth data and feedback

The roundtable talks

At roundtables, one person has a 30-minute interactive conversation with up to 20 founders. Each roundtable takes place twice during the event.

What You Need in a Lead Seed Investor. Spoiler alert: it’s more than money

Spokesperson: Ishan Sachdev, General Partner, Deciens Capital

Description: When you’re struggling to find your first financing, the best investor is usually someone willing to write a check. In the friends-and-family and angel phase, companies often do not have a lead investor. As a result, many founders don’t know why they need one or what to look out for beyond the willingness to invest. But as startups approach their first significant seed round, choosing a lead investor suddenly becomes a priority. From negotiating investment terms to providing “platform services,” leads can have a powerful impact on long-term success. Ishan Sachdev, whose venture capital firm exclusively runs seed rounds, will discuss how founders can find the right lead investor for an early round of funding – and why investor/founder fit matters.

How founders can prepare for successful exits in every phase

Speaker: David Jegen, Managing Partner, F-Prime Capital

Description: The vast majority of startup exits are through acquisitions, but there is remarkably little content guiding founders through life after acquisition. David Jegen has experienced 11 different acquisitions from different perspectives – as a founder, investor and board member. He will break down the different types of startup acquisitions and startup leverage, and discuss key points that help maximize long-term success and employee satisfaction.

What is your risk archetype? How to turn risk into your startup superpower

Voiced by: Ben Jennings, Chief Revenue Officer, Embroker

Description: Everyone who starts a business takes a risk, but that doesn’t mean every founder is a risk taker — or even understands their risk tolerance and appetite. With our risk archetype quiz, founders can and have discovered what kind of risk-taking they are and how it impacts everything related to growing a business – from raising funds to building a team to making critical decisions. Founders will go home with a blueprint to transform their specific risk archetype into their superpower.

Navigating entrepreneurship as an underrepresented founder

Speaker: Ghalia Aamer, CEO, TalkMaze

Description: This interactive discussion is aimed at young entrepreneurs and other underrepresented groups. The aim is to create a sense of community among the participants and to support each other to be successful as entrepreneurs. Aamer will moderate the discussion with guided questions to encourage vulnerability. By sharing her personal experience of starting a business as a full-time student and young black woman, she creates space for others to share their own challenges that they can tackle together as a group. Founders will go home strengthened by a series of new connections with like-minded entrepreneurs who can help each other succeed.

How to use PR to get in front of investors

Speaker: Liza Vilnits, Founder and CEO, Beyond Trending

Description: Founders understand the value of PR, but often lack the knowledge to use and implement it. How do you craft your story correctly so investors notice you through the press? This session provides an example edtech case study (from a schoolteacher to Chelsea Clinton and Serena Williams) and a “roll up your sleeves” discussion to help founders better shape their stories and understand how they use media can include.

InNewCL Early Stage will take place on April 20, 2023 in Boston, Massachusetts. Don’t miss the Audience Choice presentations and more. Buy your early bird ticket for $249 and save $200. We can’t wait to see you in Boston!

Is your company interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at the TC Early Stage 2023? Contact our sponsorship sales team by filling out this form.

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