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After the 90-day preview: Loren navigates a stinky situation

After the 90-day preview: Loren navigates a stinky situation

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All parents can relate to this explosive situation.

In this exclusive clip from the December 26 episode of Loren and Alexei: After the 90 days, Loren and Alexei find themselves in a pretty stinky position outside of a hotel. As Loren gets out of the vehicle, she realizes that Baby Shai has given her a stinky problem.

The mother-of-three declares, “Ooohh no.”

Phew, there it is!

Without hesitation, Loren immediately goes in search of a quick fix and asks, “Where’s the diaper bag?”

The reality star puts a blanket on the floor and starts changing Shai’s diaper on the sidewalk. Visibly shocked, Alexej says: “You’re doing that in the middle of the street? Why don’t you go to the lobby or something?”

Loren clearly disagrees and replies, “Will you look at this and tell me you’d wait?”

“Once that onesie came off, it was the ultimate blowout,” Loren reflects in a confessional during the sneak peek.

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