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Added more Stick Shift models to the 2024 MINI range

Added more Stick Shift models to the 2024 MINI range

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In recent years, while automotive journalists have called on industry and consumers to “save the manuals”, their campaigns for manual transmissions have mostly fallen on deaf ears.

Except for MINI.

No surprise. The take rate for a shift stick is said to be 18 to 20 percent for a Mini and more like 40 percent for John Cooper Works models. The figure for the auto industry in general is 1.4%, which means stick driving is far from a lost art — unless you drive a Mini, or, say, a VW GTI or Golf R.

In a presentation this week detailing the changes and specs to MINIs for the 2024 model year, one revelation stands out: additional hardtop and convertible models that can be ordered with shifters. Notably, the list includes the MINI Cooper Convertible, Cooper S Ragtop, 4-door Cooper Hardtop and 4-door Cooper S. Production of these cars is scheduled to begin in March.

In November, MINI USA, which is part of the BMW organization, announced the return of manuals in its Cooper, Cooper S and John Cooper Works two-door hardtops.

Here is a price breakdown:

Regarding other announced updates, MINI will continue to offer “special editions” – Untamed, Untold and Resolute – which launched a year ago and received additional upgrades in November including new body colors, interior upholstery and engine variants. These three editions are available for the respective models equipped with the Iconic Trim.

MINI also says it will reintroduce the base Classic trim for all Hardtop, Clubman and Countryman models, and the Signature trim will have MINI Navigation as included equipment with integrated enhanced real-time traffic information.

In December, the company introduced a pair of souped-up convertibles called the “Seaside Edition,” available in Nanuq White or Caribbean Aqua. Those models should be hitting dealers right now, says MINI.

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