Aaron Gordon makes a powerful all-star push –

Aaron Gordon makes a powerful all-star push –

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Denver Nuggets’ Aaron Gordon (AG) is coming off a career year. He’s having the most efficient season of his career. AG continues to take on the challenge of being Denver’s most valuable defenseman. With that in mind, many are calling for Aaron Gordon to make his first All-Star appearance of his career. It’s a bit odd to think Nikola Jokic’s first teammate to make an All-Star Game will be anyone other than Michael Porter Jr. or Jamal Murray, but it’s becoming a real possibility this year by how well Aaron Gordon played Has. He most likely won’t be an all-star starter, but a reserve spot isn’t out of the question.

Aaron Gordon with an All-Star-worthy campaign

Aaron Gordon’s season so far

As already indicated, AG is having by far the most efficient season of his career. Gordon averages a career best in many categories. He is currently shooting an average of 61.2 from the ground. He also has an average three-point shooting percentage of 38.9 percent, another career high. In addition, AG averages a player efficiency rating of 21.4 and a true shooting percentage of 67.4 percent, both also career highs.

Some other notable numbers include a defensive rebound percentage of 16.3 percent, a utilization rate of 20.7 percent, and an offensive box/plus minus of +3.1. As if the advanced numbers weren’t enough, Aaron Gordon also brings up respectable points and recovering averages. As of December 20, he has 17.0 points and 6.4 total rebounds per game. While Gordon may not be quite as valuable to the Nuggets as Jamal Murray or Michael Porter, he was undisputedly the second best player on the team. At least for this season.

The unexpected role of AG

Anyone closely watching the Nuggets knows that Gordon is the defender up front for Denver. He’s tasked with protecting the NBA’s better wings and power forwards. A role Jerami Grant formerly filled for this Denver Nuggets squad. Now, when it comes to guarding the league’s LeBron’s, KD’s and Kawhi’s, they’ve found their answer in the athletic Aaron Gordon. We even saw some highlighted shots from the former Arizona Wildcat.

Playing with back-to-back MVP in Nikola Jokic, however, has brought out the best in him in the attacking end of the floor. He’s not just a great cutter who thrives on Jokic-fed passes. But he’s also starting to do the occasional jump shot if left wide open. Despite Murray and Porter’s injuries, AG’s increased production has propelled the Nuggets into second place in the West. You now have a legitimate shot at capturing the top spot. Even if Murray gets back on form and Porter comes back, Gordon will continue to be an All-Star worthy player as efficient as he has been this year. AG will continue to perform its role at a high level. In return, it could potentially earn him an All-Star spot.

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