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2023 Chevy COPO Camaro gets an even bigger V8 option

2023 Chevy COPO Camaro gets an even bigger V8 option

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Last year’s Chevy COPO Camaro was available with a big-block Chevy V8, a throwback for folks who live by the old adage, “There’s no substitute for displacement.” For the 2023 model, Chevy goes further with an even larger big-block option that may be significantly more powerful.

The new engine is a 632-cubic-inch big-block pushrod V8. That’s 60 cubic feet more than last year, and in modern metric displacement figures it’s a whopping 10.4 liters overall. Strangely, Chevy did not list performance numbers for this particular engine. But looking at Chevrolet’s available crate engines, it seems to match the ZZ632/1000, which makes 1,004 horsepower and 876 pound-feet of torque. That undoubtedly makes it the most powerful option.

The other two engine options are small-block LSX engines. The naturally aspirated option is a larger 427 cubic-inch (7.0-liter) unit with an NHRA-rated 470 horsepower. There’s also the supercharged 350 (5.7-liter), which puts out an NHRA-rated output of 580 horsepower. Now you might be wondering why bother with one of the less powerful engine options. Well, these are geared more towards racers who might want to build for specific classes or preferences. As such, they come standard with the “Racer’s Package” which includes a weight box, two batteries and a carbon fiber airbox. There’s also a parachute and, in the case of the supercharged car, a set of quick-change intercooler couplers.

That’s not to say that the Big Block Car doesn’t have its own distinctive features. There is a $30,000 package that adds a unique orange color scheme with painted stripes and graphic graphics, black Weld Racing wheels and black badging.

Regardless of the engine, every COPO Camaro comes with a three-speed automatic (the big-block car has a slightly taller gearbox) and a 9-inch Strange Engineering rear axle. Drag tires, wheelie bars, and racing bikes are also standard.

Chevrolet just has orders open for the new COPO. You can fill out an application using this link. Prices (excluding a destination, which is not specified) start at $126,420 for the 427, $135,900 for the Big Block Car and $141,225 for the supercharged 350. The cars are not road legal and have no VIN as they are race cars. If you get a build slot, a deposit of $15,000 is required.

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