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2022 Mercedes-AMG G63 4×4² receives stop-drive order and recall

2022 Mercedes-AMG G63 4×4² receives stop-drive order and recall

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Mercedes-AMG is recalling over 250 units of the 2022 G63 4×4² due to a problem with the rear differential housing. While this is a relatively small recall, it’s serious enough that the company is urging owners not to drive their SUV until it’s been inspected and repaired, if necessary.

The campaign, issued with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recall number 22V-937, includes 278 examples of the G63 4×4² built between July 13 and October 21, 2022 is included in the campaign; The regular production G63 is not affected by the recall, nor is the non-AMG G550 model.

The company states that the recalled Gs were built with a rear differential housing that may not meet strength requirements due to a “possible process deviation at a supplier.” More specifically, the casing can rupture without warning and spill liquid onto the road, increasing the risk of an accident for other motorists. In more extreme cases, the casing can crack and prevent power being supplied to the rear wheels. The company states that it is not aware of any injuries, deaths, warranty claims, or field or service reports related to the defect.

Owners of affected Gs will need to take their SUV to the nearest dealership for a technician to inspect the rear differential case and replace the rear axle if necessary. Meanwhile, Mercedes is asking customers not to drive their G63 and it will ensure the 278 recalled units are towed to the nearest dealer. Owners can also ask the company to provide a loaner vehicle while their G is in the shop.

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