2022/23 NBA All-Star Game: Vote now for the players you’d like to see play in February’s game | NBA News

2022/23 NBA All-Star Game: Vote now for the players you’d like to see play in February’s game | NBA News

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Voting for the NBA All-Star Game is now open.

What is the All Star Game?

The 72nd All-Star Game will take place in Salt Lake City on February 19 and will reach fans in more than 200 countries. One of the highlights of the NBA calendar, the league’s top stars compete on the court.

Fans will have a say in who appears on the pitch for the game, and they can join players and the media in voting for the five starting players in each conference.

From Stephen Curry to Luka Doncic, from Donovan Mitchell to Jayson Tatum, there’s an opportunity to vote for each conference’s biggest stars as they take part in the promotion over the next few weeks.

How does it work?

The vote will be divided between fans, players and selected media.

50 percent is accounted for by fans, 25 percent by players and 25 percent by selected media.

The top vote collector of each conference then becomes captain, with the team named after each captain (e.g. Captain Tatum).

The remaining seven players per team are then selected by all 30 team coaches, who then assemble their teams accordingly.

When can I vote?

The All-Star voting period runs from December 20th to January 21st; Fans can vote for up to 10 players every 24 hours, with all current NBA players up for grabs.

Votes are tripled on certain three-for-one days, so these days are ideal times to promote favorite players. The first of three-for-one days is Christmas Day, then January 1st, 6th, 13th, 16th and 20th for a total of six.

A complete ballot includes three front court players and two guards from both the Eastern and Western Conferences.

Follow this link to give your opinion.

What makes an All Star?

To make an All-Star, we need to create content that resonates with fans, media members, and even the players themselves.

We do this by focusing on creating awareness and fostering engagement for all levels of fans, from casual fans and the curious to those who have followed the NBA for years.

That means targeting specific teams, players, narratives, storylines, coaches, controversies, emotions, backstories, and more.

All of these factors then allow voters to make decisions they know they can rely on.

How do I vote?

Fans voting for the first time can create an NBA ID, the league’s new global membership program, to participate and cast a complete ballot each day during the four-week voting period once they have their NBA ID.

From then on, the ballot can also be accessed and voted on through the NBA app, which is available on Android and iPhone. Fans then receive one full ballot per day by selecting two guards and three front court players from each conference.

In addition, fans with an NBA ID traveling to Salt Lake City can unlock Sear Upgrades on-site with additional additional benefits.

Follow this link to vote for your NBA All-Stars

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