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10 reasons to watch the retro future of Apple TV+ Hello Tomorrow!

10 reasons to watch the retro future of Apple TV+ Hello Tomorrow!

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Jack’s sales team – Shirley (Haneefah Wood), Herb (Dewshane Williams) and Eddie (Hank Azaria), plus newcomer Joey (Nicholas Podany) – strive to sell the dreams and possibilities that represent Brightside Lunar Residences, but they all have different motivations under the surface. Writing on Hello Tomorrow! fleshes out each character in a broad and nuanced way. For example, Eddie is a gambling addict who knows he should pay off his dangerously mounting debt, but has a hard time doing the right thing (and all too easy doing the wrong thing). He’s extremely competitive, especially when it comes to his sales competitor, the hard-nosed Herb. He also has a spicy romantic relationship with the no-nonsense Shirley; On paper they’re an obvious mismatch, but somehow the chemistry works.

We get a feel for all of the supporting players very quickly, although the naïve Joey – who joins the team at Jack’s insistence and doesn’t realize his new boss is his long-lost father – feels like the character whose arc unfolds as the game progresses the season will change the most progress. However, we meet other key characters along the way, such as Myrtle (Alison Pill), a frustrated housewife who turns her life upside down to live a new life on the moon…with anger abounding when Brightside doesn’t deliver right away. The show’s blistering pace (each episode lasts around 30 minutes) feels just right for keeping tabs on any unfolding drama.

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